Future Proof Tek - Network Details


Basic Networking

This is a network (wired or wireless) containing 2 or more nodes with the ability to share file and print services within a single premise. There is no external access from this network.

Intermediate Networking

This type of network includes secure internet access in addition to the basic networking. This includes setting up your own internet domain name, your own e-mail addresses, and the necessary security.

Advanced Networking

In addition to the Intermediate networking, this setup includes secure remote access from anywhere to the data stored inside the office. This can also include multi-site branch/main office setup with antivirus gateways, spam and content filtering services.

Internet Access

We can help with full provisioning of Internet access, whether it is DSL, Cable, Satellite or T-1,T-3 or DS3 links. We will take the hassle of you dealing with the providers, making calls, waiting in queue, scheduling and ensuring that the service level guarantees are being met.


For locations that need to attract the connected generation, we can setup a wireless hotspot with a complete billing solution allowing you to grow your customer base.

Remote Access

We will help setup any type of remote access technology required, whether it is accessing your desktop in the office securely from home or anywhere on the Internet, or giving your employees secure access to your databases and file shares away from the office making them productive around the clock.