Case Study - Dr Patel, Dentist

Dr Patel is a very popular, respected and renowned dentist in the Bloomfield area serving 4 different counties. He is extremely busy throughout the week with little time to focus on other technologies to simplify his operations. Not understanding how various technologies integrate with each other to provide a solution solving business problems, Dr Patel ended up buying gadgets such as servers, PDAs and laptops but did not know how to connect them together to be able to run his Dental software securely and efficiently. Nonetheless, Dr Patel was determined to use technology to simplify his operations, that’s when he decided to contact Future Proof Teknologies. FPT staff helped to deploy a full proof solution deploying secure internet access with firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, automated backups and secure and encrypted Remote Access – All this expertise for an unbelievable low cost!! Dr Patel doesn’t need to worry about his data backups or accessing his schedule while he is home. He can change appointments and access his office schedule from the comfort of his home. He doesn’t need to worry about his data getting hacked into or whether he is able to comply with HIPAA regulations any more. He knows that he has finally found a partner that he can rely on for all his future technology needs. Now, he can help his clients get a better smile with a smile of his own!